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The Pelham cheek piece is a popular cheek piece among showjumping, eventing, dressage and general riding enthusiasts. The Pelham prevents pinching of the lips and provides more pressure to the side of the horses mouth compared to a Loose Ring. The Pelham also brings in poll pressure and can be adjusted depending on where the reins are attached to the Pelham. Either double rein, connector or a single bottom rein to get maximum effect. Coupled with a curb chain the softness or severity of this cheek piece can be varied significantly

The Toprail Orange is made of a hardened nylon/plastic mold; the bit has a steel profile through the mold, attaching to the Pelham side pieces ensuring that the bit does not bend. The bit sits light and comfortable in the horses mouth. We have found this mouthpiece to be very good when used in Thoroughbreds and Warmblood Horses who have sensitive tongues because the ported shape provides tongue relief. Also used in mouthing horses to encourage them to collect the bit, due to its more comfortable feel as opposed to a stainless steel bit.

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