PPB-SZ-M-W-F Sliderz Front Performance Protection Boots – White Med


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Performance Protection Boots

  • This advanced technology in boot design means that SLIDERZ Performance Protection Boots are specifically designed to support and protect the tendon and ultimately the suspensory and sesamoidal  regions of your horse.
  • SLIDERZ Performance Protection boots are made of revolutionary non-restrictive shock absorbing and breathable lining. Complete with 360 support .
  • The prevention of injury to the tendon via knocks and hits, limits suspensory and sesamoidal strain. Coupled with our widened lower tab, the boot give s further lift and support to the base of the fetlock and further protection through the extra Kevlar impact absorbing cover.
  • Ideal for any equine discipline,  Sliderz Performance Protection boots are anatomically shaped for a perfect fit, with 4-way stretch neoprene that’s a proven shock absorber of up to 26% of energy from hoof to ground impact. The suspensory strap flexes with each stride, helping prevent fetlock hyper-extension with unrestricted movement and comfort.
  • The boot also features darting to cup the fetlock, providing necessary support. Elastic binding keeps the boot free from dirt and debris.

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