PAD451-MRN-18mm Saddle Pad- Contoured Pad with Leather Wear Maroon


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These contour pads have an elegant shape to follow your saddle and allow for freedom of movement with the contoured spine and wither relief cut out at the front. 

  • Saddle Pad- Contoured Wool / Wool with Leather
    Wear Pads – Maroon

    • Made from imported NZ and British wool
    • Maroon coloured canvas top
    • Contoured for fit and comfort
    • Available in 12mm, 18mm thickness
    • Measurements;  30″*30″
    • Durable canvas top
    • Leather wear pads
    • Double stitched middle leather wear pad
    • Rounded edges on wear pads to decrease unnecessary folding.
    • The edges underneath of wither cutout section are camfered to prevent rubbing.

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