Outlaw Master Full Seat


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New model Outlaw Master Full Seat – still built on the same tree with the same specs, but now with a three piece seat and changed to a narrower twist through the seat; 45 degree pad and a good ‘pocket’ to the seat – this saddle is made to keep you in!.  For riding rough stock – or when you need that extra ‘stickability’ – this is the right saddle. Hand made from oak tanned leather, rough-out seat and smooth out fenders, swell cover & skirts to make cleaning easy.


HRSCo. Tree Bars

Saddle Tree Gullet 6.5”

Knee pads: 5”

Knee pad angle: 45 degrees

Cantle: 4”

Seat dish: 1”

Weight: 10kg bare

Sizes available: 12“ 12.5” 13” 14“ 15”

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Weight 11 kg


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