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Polo Bits
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Polo Big Ring Gag German Silver French Collection

Polo Big Ring gagMade from long lasting German SilverThe German Silver promotes salivation. Just look at all the high level dressage horses competing in German Silver bits. No rusting or oxi..


Polo Big Ring Gag German Silver Roy Snaffle

Polo Gag in Big Ring configurationBeautiful thick 16mm snaffleGerman Silver mouthpiece improves salivationNo rusting or oxidisationA bit every polo yard should haveComes with rubber bit guards and gag..


Polo Big Ring Gag Stainless Steel Barrie Smooth Squared

Big Ring gagDouble 6 mm W action bit = Barrie135mm in widthStainless steelNo oxidisation or rustingCorrectional training or for use on stronger "head down or head out" horses.Strong combination when u..


Polo Medium Ring Gag German Silver "Roy" Snaffle

Beautifully designed comfort snaffle mouthpiece16mm thickness, 135mm wideHigh quality medium ring rings which have a thicker diameter The weight in the rings and the comfort snaffle gives for a quicke..


Polo Pelham German Silver Snaffle Square Twist

Beautifully handcrafted polo Pelhamsquare twist German silver snaffle mouthpiece55mm shank length 130mm wide, standard width for all types of polo poniesA must have in any polo tack room. ..


Polo T-Bar Gag German Silver Snaffle

Big Ring T-Bar gag is a fantastic cheek piece for training and giving direction to young horses.The side bar applies pressure to the side of the horse's cheek persuading the horse to give to pres..