Campdrafting Bits

Campdrafting Bits
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Dee Sweet Iron Snaffle

Stainless Steel DeesHigh quality shaped Sweet Iron snaffle Mouthpiece.The snaffle bit design used & recommended by the McNaughton family.Longer Dee side bars stop the mouthpiece from&nbs..


Loose Ring German Silver Center Ring Bit

Stainless Steel Loose Rings (80mm)High quality German Silver/Salox Gold MouthpieceCentre ring applies pressure to the horse's tongue to stop the horse from pushing the bit...


Loose Ring German Silver Dogbone Link

Stainless Steel RingsGood standard economical  everyday riding bit.High quality shaped German Silver Mouthpiece..


Loose Ring German Silver Elliptical

Stainless Steel RingsVery good everyday riding, training, performance and showing bitThe Elliptical lozenge decreases the "nutcracker" effect of a straight snaffle bit.High quality shaped German ..


Loose Ring German Silver French Link

Stainless Steel RingsLoose Ring choice 80mm ring ideal for campdraft, polocrosse, general riding and schooling, orShowing ring in 60mm smaller ring, thicker in circumference giving the ..


Loose Ring German Silver Snaffle Bit

Stainless Steel Rings.80mm Loose rings, stopping the bit from being pulled through the horse's mouth whilst campaigning.The bit used and recommended by the campdraft legend.High quality shaped Ge..


Loose Ring German Silver Tom Williamson Correctional Bit

Stainless Steel RingsSnaffle with half twist. Outside is smooth at 10mm and comes into a twisted mouthpiece at 6mm. The bit becomes uncomfortable when the horse is pulling or "pushing" the bit.An..


Loose Ring Stainless Steel Snaffle

Stainless Steel RingsLoose Ring choice 80mm ring ideal for campdraft, polocrosse, general riding and schooling, or..


Loose Ring Sweet Iron Elliptical

Stainless Steel 80mm RingsGreat everyday/competition riding bit.neutral bit..


Loose Ring Sweet Iron Ported Release

Stainless Steel RingsSweet Iron mouthpieceAlleviates tongue pressure as the bit rises up off the bars and sits higher over the horse's tongue.The copper roller comes into play when pressure is ap..


Loose Ring Sweet Iron Ring Centre

Stainless Steel 80mm RingsSweet Iron mouthpieceExcellently positionedRing centre exerts tongue pressure stopping the horse from "pushing the bit"...


Loose Ring Tube German Silver 5 rings

Stainless Steel RingsHigh quality German Silver MouthpieceThe 5 rings apply pressure to the horse's tongue. This pressure is greater than the French link but less than the "Centre Ring" mouthpiec..


Loose Ring Tube German Silver Elliptical

Stainless Steel Rings, Tube protectionHigh quality German Silver MouthpieceGerman silver promotes salivationNo rustingNo oxidisationGreat all round bit for use in general riding to competition..


Loose Ring Tube Stainless Steel Snaffle

Stainless Steel 80mm RingsHigh quality Stainless Steel MouthpieceQuality shaped snaffle..


Universal German Silver Ring Centre Bit

Stainless Steel Universal (Poll Pressure) cheek pieceHigh quality German Silver MouthpieceCentre ring applies pressure onto the horse's tongue, asking it to come off the bit.Coupled with the poll pres..